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Nanaimo SEOYou’ve landed on this webpage because your looking to improve your search rankings. Why else would you be on a webpage that talks about our Nanaimo SEO service?

No matter if you don’t have a website or one that isn’t ranking very well, we can help you.

We are based in Victoria but President and SEO manager Jordan Caron is born and raised on the Island. His roots are in Qualicum Beach and after high school he moved to Victoria.

We’ve had such great success in the Victoria market with our clients websites that we thought why not offer our affordable and fast service to businesses in Nanaimo.

Learn more about our SEO process, our packages and pricing and please visit our blog for some better understanding for how SEO works. Once you have a better understanding about our service, please give us a call at 250-217-4176 or contact us below using the form.

We look forward to helping improve your websites search rankings.

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The Opposite of SEO is Social Media

Twitter Advanced SearchIf you follow this blog, you’ll know it’s mostly SEO related. I personally find that it has more value and results for my clients who don’t have the time to invest in social media.

But I do post tips on how to use Twitter from time to time. This is one of those posts.

Regardless if we are an SEO Victoria company, this tip I’m about to share on using Twitter is so powerful. It can help you find clients and hear what people are saying about your product or service in real time.

The best part about this is it takes all of 30 minutes a week. So when you hear about the ROI of social media, well, it’s right here with this simple and profound tip.

What exactly is it?

The Search Function!

In SEO people search your business. But with Twitter, you can actually seek them out.

It’s like reverse engineering in a way and why I call it the opposite of SEO. Make sense?

Depending on how big your market and reach are, using the search function will make way to larger results. If you’re a small business in a small town, you should still see results.

So what do you do?

  1. You create a list of terms or words (much like you would with doing keyword research in SEO) that people might talk about when using or looking for your product or service.
  2. Then you head to the advanced Twitter search function and enter those terms (one at a time)
  3. Place your city location(s) you’re targeting or do business in
  4. Hit search
  5. Then make sure to click all (see second image below)

Powerful Twitter strategy

After you hit submit be sure to click on all to see all Tweets with your keyword of phrase in it.

Powerful Twitter strategy


Here’s a couple of examples of how you can use this.

I already talked about how Victoria realtor Scott Garman used Twitter when he moved to a new city and was looking for clients.

He created a list of words people might using when buying or selling a home. A couple of words were:

  • realtor
  • house for sale
  • home
  • moving
  • house value

I also chatted with our newest clients The Wonderdogs a few weeks back on ways they could use Twitter.

Let’s say they wanted find people who needed dog training in Victoria. They could search for terms like:

  • dog barking
  • dog misbehaving
  • dog trouble
  • dog command

If they wanted to look for potential clients who need doggy day care in Victoria, they could search for terms like:

  • doggy day care
  • dog kennel
  • pet hotel
  • dog care
  • dog boarding

Ben Kersen is also a international dog trainer. With this he could leave the “Places” form empty to search globally for these terms:

  • dog trainer
  • train dogs
  • learn to train dogs

The ROI of Social Media

Everyone who owns a business wants to know the ROI of social media. If you can afford 30 minutes a week or 5 minutes at the end of each day searching Twitter for the keywords people might mention when looking for your business, I’m sure you will see improved social media marketing results within 2 months.

Let me know if you have done this before and what type of results you have seen.


How much does SEO cost in Victoria BC?

SEO is an investmentBefore I begin I want to be clear on one thing. SEO is an investment.

It will bring your business more sales.

You have to spend a little to make a lot.

I also want to be clear that this post is for anyone anywhere looking into pricing for search marketing. We welcome clients from all over the planet not just Victoria.

So yesterday I got a phone call from someone asking how much our SEO Victoria BC service costs. It’s a question I get asked a lot. But it’s hard to answer right away.

So many things factor into our costs. It’s tough to do over the phone without seeing your website, your competitors and what the search rankings look like right now for your desired search terms.

A few of our current clients have told me about our competitors. During phone calls our competitors beat around the bush when it comes to costs.

I’ve found other companies aren’t very transparent. Our goal is to be fully transparent with the blog post.

So here is what factors into our costs and pricing structure.

1 – Your website

I had a call from the owner of EZLeadCapture.com. He was telling me a competitor of ours wanted $1000 just to do a website audit of his site.

Yes taking a look at your current websites optimization and determining how much on site work is needed factors into our costs. But we do this free during our research when creating a strategy and proposal for you.

We then come up with a cost to better optimize your website for the search engines and searchers.

2 – Your current rankings

We then go to the search engines to see how visible your website is when it comes to relevant searches for your product or service.

3 – Your competition

If your search results are lacking, which is usually the case when contacting the best SEO company in Victoria BC, we then find out what your competition is doing to out rank you. So we go through their website to do an audit.

Then we find out what websites are linking back to them through a couple of software products we own. This is known as linking building/backlinking. We call it the human growth harmone of search engine optimization. This helps us figure out how much time it will take to outrank them.

These are the factors that determine how much our service costs. So it’s hard to have a standard costs as these three factors will vary from business to business.


There are hundreds of realtors in Victoria and only about a 20 used car dealers.

Two Easy Ways To Increase Click Through Rates

It’s one thing to have a high ranking website. But it’s another thing getting people to click through to your website.

Not all people will click on your website if your the search result. You certainly hope they would. But there might be something turning them off.

Then it got me to thinking, why not write a blog post about this very subject!

Improve Meta Description

Over the last month I’ve had the good furtune to gain three more clients. As with all of my new clients, I start improving all on site SEO.

I will run each new clients website through the Hubspot Website Grader. What I find is that most of the webpages on their sites have no meta tags. So no page titles, descriptions or keywords they are targeting.

What I then do is add those details into each page. When it comes to writing the page description, I make sure to follow Marcus Sheridan’s advice from his blog post The Ultimate Guide to Writing GREAT Meta Descriptions every time.

The page description is what shows up below your page title.

Victoria SEO - Writing meta page tags

Add An Image Beside Your Website

Another way to improve click through rates is to add an image beside your website in Google search results.

Having an image beside your website can build trust. People will know your the business owner before they enter your website.

I was having a conversation with my clients who provide Victoria Car Repair services, Victoria Transmission & Auto Care. Owner Adam Sullivan remarked at how cool he thought that looked.

Todd Mahovlich who is a realtor in Victoria also likes the idea.

victoria bc real estate agent   Google Search

How To See Your Results

Google webmaster tools allows you to see what your click through rate is for certain search terms.

Just head to your account and under “search traffic” and “search queries” you can see how many times your website appears for a search term and how many times it’s clicked on.

Webmaster Tools Click through ratesI hope that these two tips will help your increase your click through rates.


Five Ways To Improve Google Places Page Ranking

Five ways to improve your Google My Business Rankings

*Updated January 16th 2019

I’ve already written about how to optimize your Google My Business listing. And how to get reviews for it.

But recently I’ve been asked a lot by local business owners about how to improve their Google My Business rankings in 2019. Once you have optimized your Google My Business listing, it comes down to five things which I am about to explain.

#1 – Business Listings

Getting ranked high within Google My Business comes down to Google verifying that your business is real. It does this by determining how often your business name, address and phone number (NAP) is cited or listed on the internet. It’s the exact same as how backlinks act for search engine optimization. The more you have, usually the better your search rankings will be.

The easiest way to get cited or listed is to submit your business to local and national business directories. Our Google My Business package includes listing your business in the top 50 directories you are not listed in.

#2 – Consistent NAP

The way your business NAP (name, address and phone number) is listed in these directories, on your websites contact page and within the Google My Business listing must be consistent and up to date. Here’s how to ensure your business NAP is consistent across the web. Google website crawlers will get confused should you have a different NAP listed on various business directories.

To make sure your NAP is consistent, do a search for your business. Click to see what every listing of it looks like. If the information is incorrect on a website, contact them and have it changed. This is something a few of our clients have had to do as they’ve changed addresses or phone numbers. Using the best local SEO software out there, we can track our clients business listings to see their NAP.

Here’s a look at one of our clients with a very solid NAP score.


Here is a potential lead that has a very poor NAP score.


#3 – NAP On Website

You will also need to list your business name address and phone number on your website. I’ve read other SEO companies say it’s good to have it in the footer or header of your website so it shows on every page. If you can do this, then go head as it’s good for the user experience. I’ve found that it’s fine to have the name, address and phone number listed on the contact page. Bonus points if you do so using the Schema markup.

Here’s an example of our NAP on the contact page.


Got all this so far? Great! There is one more thing that should be on your contact page.

#4 – Embedded Google Map

If you go to our contact page, you’ll see an embedded Google map. It’s good practice to have your businesses Google My Business listing embedded on your contact page. This way Google can be certain you are located at the address you have listed by confirming that with your Places listing.

Embedding is easy. Simply search your business name while in Google Maps. Once you have found it click on three lines beside your business name in the search bar on the top left. Then you can click on “Share or Embed Map”.


Once that is selected, click the embed map option at the top of the pop up box. Then copy the iframe code and paste it into your contact page.

SEO Victoria Google Maps

The last and most important factor to improving the ranking of your Google My Business listing is coming up next.

#5 – Reviews

You need to get everyone to review your page. This blog post and this blog post cover two easy ways to get more Google reviews.

Think about it. If Google sees a page with 20 or more reviews, won’t it want to show that page in the mapped listings over a page that doesn’t have any reviews?

This falls in line with Google’s approach to search. Providing the searcher with the most relevant search result and business.

Evaluate Rankings

Once you have changed what is above and still notice your rankings are low, then you might need to have your business cited more. You can do this two ways.

  1. Find out where those competitors who rank higher than you are cited. Do a search for their business and if they come up in a directory, find out if your business is listed there. If it’s not, add it.
  2. Take advantage of our Google My Business package and the citation building service within it.

Much like SEO, Google uses business citations as a means to provide their searchers with the most relevant businesses within the Google Places rankings. Follow the instructions I have laid out in this post and watch your rankings improve. If you need help with your rankings, visit our Google My Business packages page for different packages and services aimed at improving your rankings.