Are you looking to compliment your radio, print or TV advertising? Or perhaps you’re fed up with the costs to advertise through those platforms. Our digital advertising services can help you reach your target market for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising platforms. There are five methods of digital advertising:

  • Placements – target users on specific websites which Google manages their advertising
  • Keywords – target users who based on recent keyword searches or keywords mentioned on specific pages they are viewing
  • Topics – target users on websites which has content related to various specific topics
  • Interests – target users on websites by specific interests they have
  • Remarketing – target users who have visited your website across the web or on Facebook
  • Social – target specific users on Facebook and Instagram
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The Process

CoversationBefore we begin, we’ll chat about your goals, who you want to target, what you’re advertising and your what budget is.
Campaign DevelopmentFrom our conversation we’ll able to create a campaign that places your ads directly in front of your target market. We can create a general advertisement about your products or services, or we can use a different approach. An approach that has more meaning. To do so we would create an educational and informative piece of content for your target market that is related to your product or service. The goal would be to develop more trust and credibility and in the end, keep people on your website longer.
Banner Ad DesignYour ads will need to stand out from the noise. We’ll ensure your ads are engaging and visually appealing.
Landing Page DesignDriving traffic to your site is one thing. Keeping them there and generating leads in another. That’s why we’ll create an effective landing page that will generate more leads and clients for your business.
TrackingAll campaigns need tracking. Thanks to Google Analytics we’ll be able to track the effectiveness of your campaign and make any adjustments as we go along.

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