The majority of searchers find what they are looking for within the first five results.

You know this though. And you are either a new business or one that hasn’t put a lot of stock into search marketing.

And that’s what brings you here. You’re looking for a company to handle your website’s SEO.

There’s good news. No matter if you’re ranking on the second page or not even showing up at all, we can get you to the top in a short period of time.

Adam Sullivan, Victoria

The Process

Our search engine optimization services include:

SEO Strategy DevelopmentWe work closely with you to develop a strategy that works for your business and budget.
Search Term (Keyword) ResearchWhat search terms should you be ranking for and what search terms are prospective buyers searching? Those are questions answered in the keyword research phase.
Competition ResearchHere is where we find out how your competitors are ranking higher than you and what we need to do to outrank them.
Link Building (Backlinks) AuditWhat sites are linking to yours now? Do the search engines deem those sites trustworthy? These questions will be answered by doing a link building audit.
Website AuditThis is where we analyze each page of your website for it’s content and meta tags. Once completed, we’ll be able to identify a list of action items that will take place in the next step.
On Site Optimization & SEO CopywritingDo the search engines have specific guidelines for writing optimized content? We’ll make sure that your website’s text fits within those guidelines.
Link Building (Backlinks)Now that your website has been properly optimized to attract your desired search terms, it’s time to get on the search engine’s radar screens. Without sound link building, your rankings can never improve. The search engines need to see that your website is being linked from other websites. This is achieved through our link building service.

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