With online advertising you only pay when someone clicks through to your website. Without the proper knowledge you can still end up paying a fortune and in the process, generate very few leads.

That’s why you need someone to create a Google Adwords Campaign for you. We are a certified Google Adwords Partner.

With Google Adwords, we’ll be able to target your desired buyer with sharp shooter like precision.

Google Adwords Partner
Nathan Roberts, Victoria BC

The Process

CoversationBefore we begin,we’ll chat about your goals, who you want to target, what you’re advertising and what your budget is.
Campaign DevelopmentFrom our conversation we’ll able to create a campaign that targets specific keywords within Google search results and on websites all around the world. If a website displays Adwords on their site as revenue source, we’ll be able to target their website visitors through geo-targeting. Most importantly we’ll create a budget that fits within your budget.
Advertisement CopyWe’ll create enticing copy which will attract only serious prospects and maximize your click through rates and money spent.
TrackingAll campaigns need tracking. Thanks to Google Analytics we’ll be able to track the effectiveness of your campaign and make any adjustments.

See our Google Adword blog posts for some quick help.

Call us at 250-217-4176 or contact us below to see if investing in an Adwords campaign is right for your business.