6 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers In 2022


Using Advanced technology, competitors in tech blogging have already stepped up their game in increasing their website trafficking.

So, are you the one whose website has not ranked high even after so many efforts? Here, in this article, you’ll learn about the 6 Best SEO tools for Bloggers in 2022 to help your webpage rank higher easily.
When everyone is trying to grow in Blogging and digital marketing, competition is relatively high. And, to stay in the competition, there are many SEO tools to help you in this regard.

They provide you with content optimization and increase organic traffic on your website.
Continue reading to know why you need an SEO tool? And what are some of the Best SEO tools that will change your game?

What Is An SEO Tool – Why Do You Need It?
SEO tool analyzes how well the content is and improves your visibility to increase traffic to your website.
Plus, it provides information about new and trending keywords to get a higher ranking on any Search Engine. Moreover, it also helps with backlinking, which naturally brings more traffic to your site.

Scroll Down to discover some of the best SEO tools that raise your game in today’s massive competition.

Some Other Essential SEO Tools For Bloggers
Apart from standard SEO tools, some other important and must-have tools that make your Blog Posts competent and visible on search engines are:

  • check-plagiarism.com The most important aspect of any blog post or web content is it should be Unique and plagiarism free. Duplication is not accepted anywhere. It decreases the quality of content if it has similarities.With Check Plagiarism Online, you can scan your document through billions of web pages within no time. In Addition, it is completely safe and secure and can allow up to 5 docx, txt, pdf Files at a time.
  • editpad.org It helps to write text, grammar checking and much more. And it helps writers and Bloggers to paraphrase and rewrite the sentences to avoid similarities.It shows word count as well as character count. It helps convert difficult text into plain text.

6 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers to Rank High on SERPs

So, here is a list of SEO tools you need to look up for!

  1. Growth Bar growthbarWho doesn’t want to do multiple tasks under a single tab? Growth Bar is one of the smartest SEO tools that allow bloggers to create content, find keywords, track backlinks and do a lot more in just a single tool.It is an Open AI-generated model with advanced GPT-3 AI technologies. It directs millions of related keywords, competitor analysis, word counts, link counts, and keyword tracking.
    Key Features

    • Keyword suggestions, Keyword tracking for Google and Facebook Ads
    • Generate AI Content
    • Enables AI Blogging
    • Competitive Research for Backlinks and other Metrics
    • Allows Google Chrome Extension
    • Provide word count, difficulty score, and a lot more

    You can get a 5-day free trial before paying Subscription. Bloggers enjoy the Growth Bar SEO tool the most because of its affordability and efficiency. It is available for just $29/ month.

  2. Yoast yoast-seoYoast is one of the most popular and comprehensive SEO Plug-in on word press. It enables bloggers to generate optimized content that is perfect for Google search.Moreover, it’s a free plug-in with millions of downloading and a 5-star rating, proving that it is doubtlessly the best SEO Tool for you.
    Key features

    • Improves delivery by structuring the paragraph
    • Engage people with better readability
    • Keep a check on Keyword density
    • Checks plagiarism
    • Give you a preview of your webpage for a better understanding
    • Provides social media optimization
    • Backlink tracking

    The good news is, Yoast SEO Plug-in is free to use. Hence, you can opt for a Yoast premium version for better functions. It will cost you around $90/ year

  3. Ahrefs a-hrefsAnd when it comes to the 6 Best SEO tools for bloggers in 2022, Ahrefs is the one you should consider. It’s a versatile tool that improves your ranking on search engines.Ahrefs is primarily used for URL rankings, keyword tracking, backlink audits, and competitive research. It provides a strategy to increase your visibility and boost keyword rankings.
    Key features

    • Shows ranking history of for any keyword
    • Backlinks audit
    • Guest link and internal links tracker
    • Site explorer
    • Content generator

    It allows you a 7-day trial for $7, and then you can go for an advance subscription with prices ranging from $99 to $999

  4. SEMrush SEMrush has knocked down its competitors because of its excellent UI (User Interface). Subscribers easily use this tool for comparisons and Top Rankings.
    So Far, SEMrush is likely to be the leading SEO tool for generating blog posts. Hence, Blogger’s favorite tool to work on it.It catches more organic traffic through site Audits, backlink tracking, keyword research, and competitor analysis. It not only helps you evaluate your data but competitors’ content as well.
    Key features

    • Organic keyword researches
    • Content optimization
    • Competitive research of Ads and products
    • On-page SEO

    With different categories, Semrush varies in price. It starts at $99/ month if you go for a pro plan. And if you opt for a Guru plan or business plan, it ranges from $199 to $399.

  5. Moz Pro Moz pro is another widely used SEO tool. It provides various features that help users find related keywords, competitive analysis, and site audits.Plus, it builds a strategy that increases traffic to a website. Using Moz Pro, you can stay updated with what your competitors are doing. It recommends improvements to your blog posts and site content to stay visible on search engines.
    It provides standard metrics, allowing Google SERP, Moz score, and optimization suggestions.
    Key features

    • Keyword research
    • Content and site explorer
    • Backlink tracking
    • Competitive analysis

    It offers a free 30-days trial. Further, you can avail Subscription of $9/month.

  6. Mangoolsmangools (KWFinder)
  7. Talking about the 6 Best SEO tools for Bloggers in 2022, KWFinder by Mangools will remain the leading SEO tool in providing related and trending Keywords. Thus, it improves the optimization of your Content on Search Engines.

    Long-tail Keywords are termed Gold in the world of SEO. Digital marketers, Bloggers, and content creators understand the importance of Long tail keywords. Similarly, KWFinder knows it too.
    It searches for the best long-tail keyword for its user. Moreover, it analyses Competitor’s keywords as well. That will automatically bring the website to Top rankings and generates more organic traffic.

    Key features

    • Suggest Long-tail keywords
    • Improves Local keywords
    • Provides SERP analysis
    • Track competitors keywords
    • Provides top-notch keywords for better optimization


    It offers a 48-hours money-back guarantee. Its prices are $29/month for basic, $39/month for premium, and $79/month for an agency.

    Wrap Up On 6 Best SEO Tools For Bloggers In 2022

    Today, when most people are working online, marketing and business have been globalized to a great extent.
    Blogging, digital marketing, and owning an online business need unique and competent SEO content that increases natural traffic on your web page. To build organic traffic on your website, you need SEO tools.

    We tried to bring up some of the Top-notch SEO tools for you. They will help you in the long term. Happy Blogging to you!