How to setup and use Google Webmaster Tools

Learn how to setup and use Google Webmaster tools

Learn how to setup and use Google Webmaster tools

Coaches and teachers. We need them in various aspects of life. Sports, school, life and websites.

Websites?! Yes, websites!

This website coach/teacher isn’t a person though. It’s a thing.

In fact, it’s the second thing of my 10 best free Internet marketing tools. My first was on Google Analytics.

What is it?

Google Webmaster tools.

Why you need Webmasters Tools

Here’s a quick list of Webmasters tools benefits:

  1. You can tell Google what country you want to target users in
  2. Find out how many external webpages link to your website which is great for backlinking
  3. Find out how many internal links you have throughout your website
  4. You can tell Google if you are a local business
  5. Learn about crawl errors (webpages that aren’t showing up)
  6. Find out how many impressions and click thru’s your website receives in searches
  7. Find out how often Google crawls your website and how many pages each time
  8. When linked with your Google Analytics account, you can find out how fast your website loads
  9. Where you webpages rank for certain search terms
  10. Learn about any HTML improvements your website needs

What I love about Webmaster tools is Google is trying to help your website rank better. And we should all be trying to appease Google. They own the search market, sorry Bing.

Like my last blog post on how to setup and use Google analytics, I’ll be doing another couple of screencasts for you. The first one will be how to setup Webmasters tools. The other is where I will run you through how to learn about the benefits above.

Once again if you’re reading this through email, you’ll have to click on this link to view as a webpage.

Here’s a video for those of you who don’t know how to access your FTP server. You’ll need your FTP server address along with your user name and password. Those details would have been included in any email you received from your hosting company.

Now I want to walk you through the dashboard of Webmaster tools.

My goal with this blog post was to make you aware of how important this tool is. It’s free and it’s from Google. All they’re trying to do is help you. Take advantage of that!

Did everything make sense? If not, post a comment below and I’ll help you out.