Two Easy Ways To Increase Click Through Rates

It’s one thing to have a high ranking website. But it’s another thing getting people to click through to your website.

Not all people will click on your website if your the search result. You certainly hope they would. But there might be something turning them off.

Then it got me to thinking, why not write a blog post about this very subject!

Improve Meta Description

Over the last month I’ve had the good furtune to gain three more clients. As with all of my new clients, I start improving all on site SEO.

I will run each new clients website through the Hubspot Website Grader. What I find is that most of the webpages on their sites have no meta tags. So no page titles, descriptions or keywords they are targeting.

What I then do is add those details into each page. When it comes to writing the page description, I make sure to follow Marcus Sheridan’s advice from his blog post The Ultimate Guide to Writing GREAT Meta Descriptions every time.

The page description is what shows up below your page title.

Victoria SEO - Writing meta page tags

Add An Image Beside Your Website

Another way to improve click through rates is to add an image beside your website in Google search results.

Having an image beside your website can build trust. People will know your the business owner before they enter your website.

I was having a conversation with my clients who provide Victoria Car Repair services, Victoria Transmission & Auto Care. Owner Adam Sullivan remarked at how cool he thought that looked.

Todd Mahovlich who is a realtor in Victoria also likes the idea.

victoria bc real estate agent   Google Search

How To See Your Results

Google webmaster tools allows you to see what your click through rate is for certain search terms.

Just head to your account and under “search traffic” and “search queries” you can see how many times your website appears for a search term and how many times it’s clicked on.

Webmaster Tools Click through ratesI hope that these two tips will help your increase your click through rates.