Local SEO Blogging Ideas


I realized soon after I published the last Soundcloud recording and blog post, that I failed to truly give you a better sense of how to create good local SEO content. And I mean like REALLY good local content. So if you haven’t already be sure to listen to that soundcloud recording or read the blog post.

As you go back and as you read through that, you’ll better understand what I’m gonna talk about in a second here which is – how to really create good local content for a massage therapist in Victoria BC.

In that last blog post and Soundcloud recording, I talked about how a massage therapist can create a good piece of content for the runners in Victoria BC. And I think I pretty much said write an article that targets “massage therapy for runners in Victoria BC”. But I didn’t really talk too much about what to put in it this piece of content. And here’s what you need to do to put in your content to make it really powerful.