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I realized soon after I published the last Soundcloud recording and blog post, that I failed to truly give you a better sense of how to create good local SEO content. And I mean like REALLY good local content. So if you haven’t already be sure to listen to that soundcloud recording or read the blog post.

As you go back and as you read through that, you’ll better understand what I’m gonna talk about in a second here which is – how to really create good local content for a massage therapist in Victoria BC.

In that last blog post and Soundcloud recording, I talked about how a massage therapist can create a good piece of content for the runners in Victoria BC. And I think I pretty much said write an article that targets “massage therapy for runners in Victoria BC”. But I didn’t really talk too much about what to put in it this piece of content. And here’s what you need to do to put in your content to make it really powerful.

Content Ideas For Massage Therapists

Let’s use that “massage therapy for runners in Victoria BC” page. On that page, what you need to talk about is: A. Runners and running and, B. Victoria BC. You need to talk about those two things.

What you can do is you could talk about great places to run. So you could write something like, “Victoria is a very popular place for people who love running. There’s lots of great places you can go run. You can go run along Dallas road, you can go run along Mt Doug Park, you can go run on the galloping goose. Overall, Victoria is just a great city to run in. There’s so many people that love to run here in Victoria. Because of that though, there’s a lot of people who struggle from pain, pain in their legs. And that’s why as a massage therapist, I can help you improve the way that you feel after your runs. Here’s a few things that you can do at home.”

So what you do is you just list a few things they can do to help improve or help relieve their pain in the short term. But obviously you want to have them at some point come in and see you. So then you just list some techniques that you would use to help improve, or help decrease their pain in their legs as a runner.

So those two things right there, you’ve talked about running, you’ve talked about the city of Victoria BC. That’s what really gives the local content its power. And that’s what gonna help the search engines start to realize that you’re really writing good local content. In the last blog post and Soundcloud recording, I just talked about ways to create it. This is how you write really good local content. You talk about the city that you’re in, the service you provide, and how you help people.

Again, going back to runners, you want to talk about cool places to go running. You want to start to list ways that they can help themselves. But then eventually you want to talk about how massage therapy can help them.

Content Ideas For Moving Companies

So let’s adopt the strategy, and we just got a new client on board who provides moving services. So let’s say if they are a mover and let’s say they’re in Victoria BC. And if they want to create good local content, what you could think about writing is: reasons why people move to Victoria BC, and then in that article you can talk about reasons why people love Victoria BC. And they’re gonna talk about a bunch of different things, maybe it could be the weather, it could be the fact that you’re close to the water, there is also good activities to do outdoors.

There’s a bunch of things that you can write about as reasons to why people would move to Victoria BC. And you never know, you might actually have someone who searches “why do people move to Victoria BC? I was actually thinking about moving there”. And if they land on your article and you’re a mover, if at some point down the road, they think about moving, you’re gonna be on the top of their mind if they need a mover. Especially if you focus on lead generation on your site.

Content Can Not Relevant But Timely

So that’s what you need to think about when you’re creating this good local content. You need to really gear towards the city you’re in. And you need to list those types of things to help your overall content structure. And you help the search engines really look at you as a local authority when it comes to your service or even just a local authority. If you wanted to create not so relevant content on your website, we’ve tried this for a client in the past, they are a children’s dentist. So what we did is we scoured Instagram before Halloween and we found a bunch pumpkin carvings in the city that they’re in.

And then what we did is we sum those all up and on November first, after Halloween, we created an article that was the top pumpkin carvings in X and X city. So we were hoping that maybe some people would search that, or if they were on Facebook, they would see our post because we actually boosted it and advertised it.

So again,it was a good piece of local content. It wasn’t necessarily relevant but it helped their brand awareness by getting a bunch of clicks. And again, we weren’t doing any selling in that article it was just simply, “Hey, here’s some cool content. That’s really local, it’s got to do with Vancouver, or sorry, it’s got to do with the city, and it had a bunch of people click on it.” It was good brand awareness for them.

Now that it’s coming up upon the Christmas season, you could do the exact same thing in Victoria BC. Our local newspaper has a list and a map of the best Christmas lights in the city. You could do the exact same thing on your website. Even though you don’t do have anything to do with Christmas or whatever it is. But if you want to create a good piece of local content, you could go out there and write that, like “The top 10 Christmas displays in your city”.

Chances are good you’re probably if you got kids if you’re just out and about. You’re gonna see at least 10 places that have some pretty cool decorations. What you gonna do is you could take pictures of those and then you could list them in this article. So again it’s just thinking about ways to create local content. That’s just none relevant way.

But if you want to gear towards some relevant stuff, you can obviously tie in your product or service. If that was home hardware, or a home building centre or a store that sells Christmas lights that would be REALLY relevant for them. But even if you’re not, you can still write that article and hopes of getting some web traffic there. Because there are actually might be certain people searching for “best Christmas light displays in X and X city”. And you if you write an article for that, you might get some people on your website you build awareness. But, as I mention in my last blog post in Soundcloud recording it’s all about that good local content on your website so that Google, at the end of the day starts to look at your content- starts to look on the overall content on your site and it will start to increase your rankings.

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