Say No To Link Exchanges

Link exchangeI’m a business owner like all of you. So I get all the same spammy emails. This is because I need to learn how to flag emails in my Macbook mail program. Outlook did a far better job for me.

I especially love spammy emails from “SEO’s” who have a gmail address. If you’re a reputable SEO Victoria company, you’d have an email address from a reputable domain.

But another common spam email I receive is one’s from people asking to exchange links. This means that you place a link to their website from yours and they do the same. You should by know that linkbuilding is very important to improving your search rankings.

But the practice of exchanging links is so old and Google frowns upon it. I was just asked today about these link exchange emails from my newest client Westshore Drive.

They’ve been tempted in the past to do this. But it’s not a way to build valuable links as anyone can do it.

So next time you get one of these emails, be sure to:

A real quick post for me but a valuable one. Say no to link exchanges!