While You Were Working 004 – 5 Marketing Articles You Missed This Week

I’ve found some good articles for you from this past week. The common themes are:

  • content marketing
  • adding value
  • using both the above to stand out

Offering value through content marketing and then spreading that content on your social networks is the only way to stand out.

People’s news feeds and Twitter streams are crowded. You have to do something valuable for them to care about you and click on your articles.

I’ve also put a good article on why having too many sales isn’t a great way to build loyal customers and increase your profits.


Be cautious of having too many sales

Say thank you to your customers but don’t have a hidden agenda

If you’re not going to create content, should you at least share relevant content from others?

Are you guilty of any of these mistakes?

The future of social media is offering value to stand out