Google My Business Results Change

Google has been known to change the appearance of their search results for some time now. I’m not just talking algorithms but the visual appearance.

It looks like in the last couple of days they have changed their Google My Business listings within the search results.

This is what it looked like before:

Google Places Maps Listings

This is what the sam search result looks like as of today:

massage therapy victoria bc   Google Search

Gone is the A – G or A – C mapped icons. The map has moved from the right of the screen to the top.

Before when you wanted to learn more about a business, you could just scroll of their listing in A – G or A – C listings to see the snippet of their business, reviews, contact info and hours of operation. Now you have to click on a business to see that info. When you do so you are taking to page which shows all the business info along with listings to other businesses.

What’s the take away?

Before the Google My Business listings would show either 3 or 7 listings. Now they are only extensively showing 3 businesses across all the searches I have done.

This means it’s important to now get into the top 3 of the Google My Business listings within the search results. I’ve talked extensively about how to get ranking in the Google My Business listings. I’ve covered how to rank in GMB page, five ways to improve your GMB page rankings, how to get reviews for your GMB page and why consistent business listings are important.

Take a look over those and get refreshed. Getting in the top 3 now means the world or else you are relaying on people skipping over the first 3 results and finding yours.