How to Increase Client Retention

Word Of Mouth

I like to think the majority of my blog posts are quite in depth.

Today’s post is going to be short and simple.

Last month I purchased a 2012 Nissan Altima and of course I needed new insurance.

Most dealerships have the insurance portion contracted out to a local company. The Nissan dealership and insurance company I dealt with were no different.

Except one major service. Instead of having someone sit around waiting for cars to sale, Maxxam Insurance takes their business mobile. So when a car is sold the salesman will call one of the many Maxxam representatives and they’ll drive to the dealership.

This obviously increases their sales efficiency. But they also increase their client retention and word of mouth. Let me explain how.

Telemarketing Can Work


Fast forward to last week. I get a call from one of the Maxxam reps telling me my insurance is up. This is a nice touch because a few years ago, I actually drove around without insurance for a week!

ICBC sends a reminder notice but why can’t the insurance company I dealt with make a phone call as well? Follow up phone calls can provide a unique personalized touch after the sale. But what about the case of an expiring service?

This is something we agreed would work better when dealing with the customer service over at Victoria Transmission and Auto Care. Before our follow up and reminders were sent out by a company using automate post cards and emails. In the end we felt the phone call had more impact and was far more personal.

The reminder about my expiring insurance is the vital piece of information they need to make the next step. And that’s to retain me as a client.

But it’s the simple way they make that happen which helps increase word of mouth and their sales. Since they have mobile agents all over, they drive anywhere to meet you.

They’ll even make any changes to your insurance before you get there. It’s a painless transaction. So instead of having to drive to an insurance agent and deal with lineups, Maxxam drives to you.

The Meaningful Marketing Way


Why do I know this increases word of mouth? Because I hardly ever talk about businesses but I’m going to blog and post on Facebook about my positive experience with Maxxam. It’s the Meaningful Marketing way.

They’ve out cared their competition by;

  1. Reminding me my insurance was up
  2. Working around my schedule and meeting me my place of work

Really simple!

So my question to you is, what can you be doing better from a customer service standpoint that makes people talk about your business in a positive light?

Here’s another brief example from Jam Cafe in Victoria. Often busy, Jam provides coffee to patrons waiting for tables outside. A great touch that many don’t forget and mention when they talk about their experience there.

My mother mentioned this right away when we got there. And in a conversation with a friend a couple weeks ago, she mentioned right away the fact that they served coffee to her and her friend waiting outside.

PS. Do you see how being remarkable is one of 10 ways you can create a backlink to your site? I just gave Maxxam Insurance, Victoria Transmission and Jam Cafe backlinks for simply being awesome and caring.

By Saying He’d Draft a Female Player Mark Cuban is a Publicity Genuis

Mark Cuban is a Newsjacker

Last Sunday Baylor Universities Women’s Basketball team lost in the third round of the NCAA tournament.

Baylor Star Brittney Griner played her last college game ever.

This was small news story since the Men’s tournament steals all the press.

Big deal right. What does this have to do with marketing? Quite a bit actually.

You see, Dallas Mavericks owner, Shark Tank “Shark” and all around awesome guy Mark Cuban says he would consider drafting Griner in this June’s NBA draft.

This has caused the media outlets and fans everywhere to talk about Cuban, the Mavericks and the possibility of Brittney playing in the NBA.

It’s brilliant really. You see, Cuban most likely isn’t going to draft her. But he’s taken a very small news story and blown it up.

It’s great for Brittney, Mark, the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA and the WNBA where she’ll end up playing professionally.

What Mark Cuban did here was jack the news. He took a small story and made it HUGE! Because of that he’s created a bunch of free media impressions for his team and himself.

This is known a newsjacking.


I’ve talked a bit about newsjacking on my Facebook page.

Why? Because it’s an awesome way to get some free PR. Especially on a local level where slow news days are common.

But what is newsjacking? David Meerman Scott coined the phrase and even wrote a short book about it.

It’s really simple.

It’s the art of spinning a news story in a unique way. So much so that media outlets have to talk about your angle of the story because it’s unique.

Why and How it Works

Here’s why it works. Reporters from all over are always looking for a different angle. After all what reporter wants to pitch the same angle of a story? And who wants to listen to the same story over and over.

So reporters will begin to search for that different angle. My suggestion is to start cuddle up and build relationships with reporters in your city. When a story hits and your ready to jack the news, you can contact your reporters and pitch your angle with ease since you’ve built a relationship with them.

The other option is your blog.

Kind of like this post your reading. If I was quicker to the party, I might have been able to jack the news away from Cuban with my angle. Who knows I still might.

By Saying He’d Draft a Female Player Mark Cuban Is A Publicity Genuis – Click to Tweet

Since you and I are not Mark Cuban, we don’t have full access to the media. This is why a blog post comes into play. Reporterts will head to Twitter or Google to see if anyone has a different angle on a story.

You need to blog about it and spread the word via your social platforms.


It can be hard trying to figure out ways to newsjack. You need to be fast and creative. My suggestion is to learn from other examples.

Here’s two examples of newsjacking to help you.

Since I’m a big sports fan, I’ll use another story from the NBA.

A few months back the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat were set to face off. It was a marquee game and nationally televised on TNT.

The Spurs head coach Gregg Popivich sent the teams top three players back home to rest. Big deal right?

Larry McGuinness

Well a couple of weeks later a lawyer who bought a resale ticket jacked the news. Larry McGuinness filed a class action lawsuit saying the Spurs and Popovich because they “violated a state law“.

As you can tell this created a news story that hit just about every major sports and news outlet. So this lawyer created massive waves because he was smart. Of course the suit wasn’t going to go through.

But who cares, he created endless media impressions. Don’t believe me? Click here to see the Google search results for “Larry McGuinness Miami lawyer”.

McGuinness is probably all over the media in Miami. He started out small I’m sure. Over the years I bet he has made solid connections with reporters to help him break the story above.

Here’s another example from Wynn Resorts spokeswomen Jennifer Dunne.

Back in 2010 Hilton Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton was arrested on drug charges. Dunne saw this as great opportunity to newsjack.

So she told the AP that Hilton was banned from all Wynn properties! David Meerman Scott wrote about why it was such great move.

Imagine Wynn Hotels banning the Hilton Hotel Heiress. The nerve!

More importantly what an angle and news story for media outlets to pick up.

Wynn’s free media impressions went trough the rough. And they took a story with only a tiny hook (the Hilton Hotel Heiress) and turned into something big.

To prove that it was done for the PR, the ban as lifted a year later. So they had no real intention of banning her for life but merely to create some impressions.

I love it!


Since I read Newsjacking a few months back I’ve been praciticing. Whenever I read a news story I try and see what business could jack the news.

More often than not the ideas are not that ground breaking. But they’re effective because of the timing. You have to be quick and get your angle out there.

My suggestion is to do the same. Scan any news story and think about how you could create a unique angle.

It should be noted that your angle has to have some sort of meaning. Or else no reporters will care to write about it.

Or worse you could be like Kenneth Cole and really outrage people after this tweet.

Kenneth Cole on Twitter, you're doing it wrong!

I’ll be blogging about other opportunities on newsjacking so be sure to follow me along and subscribe to my email updates.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about newsjacking and how could your business benefit from it?

Mark Cuban image courtesy of Keith Allison

Break through the noise and create engaging advertisements

Increase your advertising ROI

Advertising your business is a must.

When you’re new you want to tell everyone why they should check you out. I can’t blame you there!

Maybe sales are sluggish and need you more clients.

Perhaps you have a sale or product you want everyone to know about.

No matter the reason you have to get the word out. Advertising does just that.

Sure I think internet marketing is great but advertising can be effective.

But the cookie cutter “Here’s my business and contact information, please call us” advertising doesn’t work anymore.

Let me explain.

Advertising needs to engage

It’s a fact that I dislike 95% of advertising. Almost all advertisements lack creativity and can be ignored. Actually all advertisments can be ignored except website pop ups! I’ll save that for another day however.

I’m sure my feelings on advertising are shared by many others.

How often do you say to yourself after seeing an ad “Yeah, I want to start doing business there” or “I must find out more” and call that business or visit their website? I bet I’ve been on more dates in the last year which for the record has been a measly two.

As a society we ignore advertising. It’s been jammed down our thoughts for far too long. How often do you even take the time to look at ads anymore?

So how you can break through the noise and engage people with your advertising? What does it take to get some serious return on investment from any advertisement you run?

I’ll show you a great example in a second so read on!

Before that happens do me a favour and tweet this if you’re on Twitter

Break through the noise & create engaging advertisements – Click to Tweet

Introducing Meaningful Advertising

Once in a while I flip through my local paper to see if anything catches my eye. A month back I found this advertisement.

advertising that connects

Let’s be clear, it’s goods but it can be better. I’ll explain why later but it’s a step in the right direction.

So what makes this ad meaningful and better than the majority of ads?

  • It educates
  • It never tries to push
  • It opens the sales funnel

It educates

Meaningful marketers are always willing to educate potential clients. They’re thinking about their clients and what questions they have. In this case it’s something as common as using eye drops.

People are generally looking for information on your product or service before buying. Often times they’ll do research on the internet. The best way to get in front of them and answer any questions is by blogging for business.

This ad is essentially what a blog post would look like. It’s meaningful because it educates someone and improves their life. After all no one would engage with this ad if they didn’t know how to use eye drops since that’s the title!

It never tries to push

Since the begin on advertising companies have been pushing their products on us. That has to change if you want to engage more people.

During the advertisement not once do you see “See us for all your eye care needs” do you? The concept is certainly there but it’s subtle.

This is the same thing done by Victoria Transmission Auto care with their car safety classes for young drivers.

Dr. Taylor could have easily peppered this ad with more pushing. But he didn’t.

At the bottom of the ad his clinics contact details are listed. That’s the only time. He didn’t even offer a call to action which is very passive. Too passive though.

He’s simply educating people. If the reader wants to know more, perhaps they’ll visit his clinics website or call him next time for an eye care appointment.

It opens the sales funnel

Too much focus is put in closing the sale now a days. I know it’s all about sales but if you’re too pushy, people will shy away.

When people come to a website or see an ad, they want more.

Can they see photos of your products? Can they read or listen to what satisfied clients have to say? How about learning more about your particular area of expertise?

By letting people see those things you are opening the sales funnel. You’re inviting them to learn more.

Without doing those things it will be tough to open the sales funnel. Chances are they’ll flip past your advertisement and leave your website within 10 seconds.

When you open the sales funnel your ROI greatly increases. People will read your ad and stay on your website longer. This is taking advantage of every person who engages with your marketing.

An Opportunity Missed

I did say this ad was a step in the right direction towards meaning. There is something missing here.

The odds of someone needing an eye care appointment at the time of this ad are slim. That doesn’t mean they won’t think of his clinic when they do. But how could he make sure they don’t forget about him?

Drive them to his website for more education. Since the chances of someone remembering his phone number are low he needs the reader to take action and visit his website for more education on eye care. This will also help build trust and credibility with the new visitor.

The next step after awareness in the sales funnel is turning someone into a lead.

Here’s what Dr. Taylor could do to increase his leads.

Call to action

Dr. Taylor and the Mayfair Optometric Clinic need a better call to action to start with. Something simple could be “Visit our website for more eye care and health tips”. No matter what you want to get people back to your website.


If he is putting in the effort to write an article for an ad, why isn’t he blogging? Someone who actually reads this ad all the way through is engaged. What do you do in this position? Give them more! By inviting those readers back to his site for more articles on eye care and health.

Email opt in forms

Email opt in forms offer a person to get updates from your site. It’s a simple way of lead capturing but very overlooked. If he is utilizing an email newsletter they could grow their email list. This obviously gives them the ability to market to that engaged person for a lifetime and hopefully turn them into a lifetime client.

Hopefully you’ve learnt a lot on how to increase advertising ROI. It takes more to stand out from your competition. By creating advertisements like this example, you’ll be well on your way to more meaning and more sales!

What kind of offline advertising do you do?

Do you see a good amount of ROI from it?

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