Yellow Pages NetSync Review

yellow pages netsync review

I was just on Facebook and saw a sponsored post for Yellow Pages and their NetSync product. Being that I deem YellowPages a competitor of ours, I clicked the ad to find out more as I wanted to review the service.

YP has really gotten their stuff together. Their website looks way better and they are heavily marketing their services to business owners like yourself. I still believe their online marketing services are expensive for the customer service they provide. Over the last couple of years I’ve received plenty of emails from business owners who are not pleased with the cost of YP online marketing services.

What is Yellow Pages NetSync?

Upon clicking the NetSync link, you’ll see a couple of boxes where you can add your business name and phone number. I used my company and business as a trial. After less then a minute you are greeted with a score and a few websites/business directories where your business may or may not be listed.

Effectively, NetSync is a tool to track down mentions of your business name on business directories to see how your business contact information is displayed. It’s also able to see which of the top directories you are or are not listed in.

YP is pitching NetSync like this:

“Errors are costly. 3 out of 4 people lose trust in a business with wrong information and won’t search for that business again.”

Of course I don’t disagree with this statement. But I strongly believe this is the wrong pitch. Instead, having correct and consistent business listings is important for local search rankings.

Also, when anyone searches for a business name online, you’ll see that business’ website, their Google listing and contact details, then perhaps a Yelp and YellowPages listing. It should be a given that you have the correct contact information on all four of those platforms. Very rarely, if ever, will someone be on directory like Weblocal looking for a business.

Again, having consistent business listings is way more important for local search. That’s the second time I’ve linked to that post. Please read it!!


Back to it.

Within 5 minutes of me filling out my business details I received a call from a local number. Turns out it was a YP sales rep.

I started chatting with them and they are basically Yext in Canada. Yext is a company out of the US who provides the same business listing clean up service. They have taken control of many business directories in Canada and how they collect and update business date like name, address & phone numbers. So when someone signs up with NetSync, you plugin in your correct business contact details and then they update all of their directories they control.

It’s a really great idea and it saves the business owner money.

My only issue is with quality score they give you. My business was giving a score of 37%. I believe this is a bit of a scare tactic. I can say for sure that when I started Meaningful Marketing, I listed it correctly on many business directories. A business name and phone number search for Meaningful Marketing confirms plenty of consistency listings. I haven’t moved or changed business address which can really harm your local search rankings if not corrected.

If you see a low score, just search do a search. Something like “business name+phone number+address” and see what information the business directories have for your information.


If you clicked the “Fix Errors” button you’ll be directed to the costs page. This is a breakdown of their packages and costs.

YellowPages NetSync review

The premium package is very similar to our Google My Business package which you can see below. The $50 is per month but with a 1 year contract so $600 + tax for the year.

  • Google Local

  • Add Business ListingsHaving many listings is important for your My Business page rankingsAdd Business Listings
  • Business Listings Clean UpMoved or changed phone numbers? Having inconsistent business listings can hurt your rankingsBusiness Listings Clean Up
  • Google ReviewsReviews are another ranking factor for your My Business pageGoogle Reviews
  • Website RecommendationsWebsite Recommendations
  • Platinum Package

  • $599 CANADIAN

    +5% TAX

  • Add Business ListingsWe'll add your business to the top 50 directories your not listed in50 Business Listings
  • Business Listings Clean UpWe’ll do 4 rounds of business listings clean upyes
  • Google ReviewsWe'll create and help you implement a strategy to get more reviews for your page Strategy + Implementation
  • Website RecommendationsWe'll provide you with a list of recommendations to be implemented to your website to help your Google My Business rankingsyes

Our Google My Business package is $500 but we offer 25 more business listings, a review strategy for YellowPages, Yelp, and Google, and we make website recommendations to increase your local search performance.

I think the two services are quiet similar. Obviously I’d like to work with you but can understand choosing YP and NetSync. I’ve been critical of YP but having seen how Yext has offered this service, it’s a solid choice.