We have over 12 years experience dealing with WP. Do you have some WP updates you need to make? Or perhaps you need some WP help trying to figure out an issue. Or maybe you want someone to manage your WP website for you on monthly basis to protect it from being hacked. No matter what brings you here, we’re your British Columbia WP experts.


Our WP Management Service Include:

Security & MaintenanceKeeping on top of WP, plugin, and theme updates is crucial to keeping your website safe from attacks.
Remove Harmful FilesIf your website does happen to be harmed by files, we’ll clean the files and get the site running and back to normal.
Speed OptimizationA fast loading website is important for user experience and search rankings. We’ll make your WP website faster than Usain Bolt!
Help With IssuesYou’ve searched and searched, yet you can’t figure out how to solve an issue you’re having. Stop and let us save your sanity.
DevelopmentHave some new ideas you want to add to your website? Our developers will be able to help with implementing any changes.
Updates Or EditsDo you need some easy content updates to make and don’t have the time? Send them to us and we’ll make those updates efficiently.
Hosting MigrationMoving to a new website host? We’ll move your WP files and database to the new server and make the switch for you.
Domain MigrationChanging domains but want to keep the same WP website? We’ll make the move quick and easy for you.

See our pricing table below. If you have any questions, contact us for more information on our WP management services.

  • Hours

  • Choose YourPlan

  • 1-3 Hours Per Month1-3 Hours Per Month
  • 4-6 Hours Per Month4-6 Hours Per Month
  • 7+ Hours Per Month7+ Hours Per Month
  • Rate

  • 1-3 Hours Per Month

    $75 per hour

  • 4-6 Hours Per Month

    $65 per hour

  • 7+ Hours Per Month

    $50 per hour

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