Tampa Bay Golf Schools

Our approach to instruction is simple. Are you getting results? Results could be lower scores, fewer putts, or no more slice. We pride ourselves on the fact that our students improve by the time the first golf school concludes. We focus on solid fundamentals which lead to permanent improvement. At Get Golf Instruction Tampa Bay, we believe in allowing our students to keep their swing but we will create a more skillful and more consistent version. No “cookie cutter” swings allowed. The World Golf Hall of Fame is filled with thousands of elite players that possess swings with their own characteristics and your swing should too! We stand for long lasting improvement.

Golf Lessons Tampa Bay Florida

Outside of schools we also provide one on on Golf Lessons in Tampa Bay. This a great way to improve your game in a private setting. Perhaps you are having trouble with your slice. Maybe your short game needs a tune up. No matter the issue our golf instruction will lower your scores and bring you more enjoyment on the course.

Tampa Bay FL Golf Instruction

Our Golf Instruction runs through Greg Thorner. Greg is a long time member of the PGA of America. He’s worked in Massachusetts and now in Florida and has helped hundreds of players achieve their goals and become better players.

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