7 Examples of Meaningful Marketing

I want you to really examine these examples. They’re just a few of the all stars when it comes to meaningful marketing.

I hope to spark some ideas so you can start marketing with more meaning!

Below are 7 examples of big brands and small businesses from different industries.

Think Traffic

Meaningful Marketing examples

Why it’s meaningful

I would be silly if I didn’t mention Think Traffic and their awesome blog on building a better blog. Corbett Barr has been helping people build cool stuff online for over a couple years now.

Think Traffic is his way of offering valuable advice and inspiration on growing a thriving blog. There’s no sales tactics here.

Corbett along with Caleb Wojick from Pocket Changed simply create epic content that has helped hundreds of people including myself start a blog that matters.

The meaning is in the epic free content they provide. They never try to push you into their product which the start a blog that matters course. Instead they let their content build trust and credibility.

Nike+ and Apple

Nike and Meaningful Marketing

Why it’s meaningful

Ever since they told us all to Just Do It Nike’s aim has been to improve people’s health. That in itself is one of the main objectives of any meaningful marketing campaign.

If you’re not sure what Nike+ does it’s a small chip that goes into any Nike shoe. There is another chip that inserts into any Ipod, Iphone or Ipod touch. It then tracks your run or workout and users can upload their run or workout on the Nike+ website.

It suggests songs for a workout or run based on your intensity level. You can also have a voice chime into to tell you pick it up if you need a boost.

The context is to improve people’s health but to do so using Nike+ shoes.

Victoria Transmission Auto Care

Meaningful Marketing

Why it’s meaningful

I can only imagine the fear my parents had when I got my driver’s license. Victoria Transmission & Auto Care aim to squander that fear with education based marketing for young drivers.

They’ve teamed up with the largest driving school in Victoria to educate young drivers. The clinics are free to attend and student drivers have the opportunity to learn basic car maintenance, how to check oil and fluid levels, how to check tire pressure, how to change a tire on their own vehicle, and how to stay safe around their vehicle at all times. There is also an opportunity for students to learn how to run their vehicles more efficiently, and to be more environmentally sensitive when it comes to maintenance and servicing.

Providing a free service that helps new drivers learn more about car safety and maintenance is meaningful is so many ways.

The Corcoran Group

Visual Content Marketing Example

Why it’s meaningful

The Corcoran Group sells real estate in New York. Instead of simply posting videos and photos of the houses they list, they’ve gone with a different approach.

They use Google+ to promote the city of New York and the places that make it great. Realtors sell homes but they also should be selling the neighborhoods and cool local spots more.

This is a great way to showcase the many great places to see and things to do in particular neighborhoods of New York.

River Pools – Virginia USA

content marketing example

Why it’s meaningful

Marcus Sheridan is the owner of River Pools. A few years ago his business was close to being all but dead. That was until he turned discovered the world of education marketing.

He started up a blog on the company website and geared it towards educating and answering questions that people have when learning about fiberglass pools. From his blog he’s been able to utilize SEO and target people typing in specific keywords from all over Virginia and Maryland. Once on his site they find more than enough useful information.

This education marketing strategy helped turn around River Pools into the leading fiberglass pool installer in the US and maybe world! The blog also helps build trust and credibility as can be seen by an interactive map on the homepage showing hundreds of homes they’ve installed pools at.

From his blog Marcus has been able to share his story and is one of the leaders in content marketing with his blog the Sales Lion.

Golf Digest


Why it’s meaningful

Meaningful marketing can also be content that entertains and engages people. I’m sure we’ve all seen the video Sh** Girls Say and the many clones. Here’s another!

I posted this one because I’m a golfer and it’s spot on! Golf Digest is the leading publication when it comes to golf. They’ve done a fantastic job creating an entertaining video that connects very deeply with golfers.

They’ve also created a hashtag and way for people to engage with them online.

Golf Digest

Guinness Guide to Oysters


Why it’s meaningful

Although it’s an advertisement it’s educating the reader on the types of Oysters. Educating a potential client is a great way to build trust and credibility.

Another reason why it’s meaningful is it’s outside the context of typical advertising which is getting people to buy a Guinness. This advertisement is doing it in a very clever way. It’s suggesting that all these Oysters would taste a whole lot better being washed down with a nice Guinness!

What are some other examples of meaningful marketing that I’m missing?

Have these examples given you a few ideas on how you can start marketing with more meaning?

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