Don’t Be A Lemming When It Comes To Your Websites SEO

Don't be a Lemming when it comes to SEO

Don’t be a Lemming when it comes to SEO

A couple of weeks ago I met with a potential client.

Originally he was looking for someone to help with marketing his Facebook page. However I like to make people aware of the other potential online marketing areas.

So naturally I shifted the conversation to SEO. I tossed a few ideas his way including this creative strategy. All of sudden he was starting to see the light.

He was wanting to drive more traffic to his site using Facebook. That’s tough to do unless you’re blogging for business and sharing it.

We then talked about some other ways we can get people to his site. And he brought up a great way to do that which I will talk about in a minute.

Being that his site has very new, it was going to be tough to outrank the competition. Are you in the same situation? Or maybe you haven’t invest much into SEO.

In either case, it’s ok.

Don’t Be A Lemming

You see, most businesses are trying to rank their website for only a couple of keywords. This is very shortsighted and the competition is tough doing so. Especially in small city like Victoria.

Think about your business and how many competitors you have. Chances are they’re all trying to rank for the same 2-4 keywords.

I don’t want you to follow the lemmings and chase after the same keywords. If you do, it will cost a lot and take a while.

They are alternatives though. And they’ll get targeted traffic to your site. I truly believe it’s about the quality of the visitor rather than the quantity.

Do you want targeted leads to visit your website? Of course you do! Read on and I’ll explain these alternative methods for attracting targeted prospects to your website.


I’ve already talked about how to rank your Google Places business page as quick and easy way to jump to the top of Google. You can also use Google instant when using this strategy.

Another alternative was what my potential client mentioned in our meeting.

He runs Studio Y Design here in Victoria. They sell high end modern contemporary furniture.

During our talk he mentioned that people call the furniture they stock many different things. I call it modern. My mother calls it contemporary. A few of his clients calls it futuristic.

So while all his competitors are trying to rank for “Victoria BC furniture store”, he could try and rank for “Victoria Modern or contemporary furniture store”.

All you have to do is listen to people during conversations while in your store. Find out what they call certain products or services you sell. They might describe it differently. Jot down all the responses and rank your webpages for those terms.

Another idea I had was to create pages based on the brands of furniture he carries. I asked him how many people come into his store know about the brands they carry. He said quite a few.

The chances are good those very same people are searching Google (or Bing) for that brand name and the city they live in. Why not create pages that target those brands so these people can find you?!

Doing so will allow you to attract targeted prospects to your website.

To summarize what I’ve talked about:

  1. Don’t follow the lemmings
  2. Think of the other ways people might search what you have to offer
  3. Listen to what your customers are calling your products or services
  4. List all of the brands you carry
  5. Create pages or blog posts that target points 2, 3 & 4

On Thursday I’m going to showcase an example from one of my clients and how we were able to generate more targeted traffic to their website. It was really easy to do. So be sure to watch out for that post.


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