While You Were Working 003 – 5 Marketing Articles You Missed This Week

Here are the best of the best marketing articles for you

I missed last week.
That’s because nothing really caught my eye. Everyone must have been on holidays or something
None the less I’m back and here are some really great posts.
There’s a good mix of content marketing, SEO and even a guide to explaining terms I use a lot on this site.
Even one I used in the last sentence (content marketing) and the lastest marketing buzzword darling, branding!
How To Help Your Brand Find It’s Compelling Story
Six Key Considerations to Driving Behavior Change with Content Marketing
Ten Reasons Why I Don’t Retweet You or Your Content
Using Targeted Content Marketing to Improve User Experience
A Beginners Guide to Marketing Jargon
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Enjoy your Sunday and the Olympics if you’re watching them!