Charming the Facebook Gatekeeper so your updates get seen

How To Improve Facebbok engagement

It’s frustrating not getting any comments, likes or shares.

You post an insightful link and tumbleweeds blow by. You let everyone know about a new product or sale you’re having and you hear nothing but crickets.

No matter what you post there’s very little in the way of comments or engagement. You might think this will change when you get more likes. Well I’ve already talked about how the need for social proof and more likes can really hurt your updates from getting seen.

Instead focus on increasing engagement with your current followers. This will give your updates a better opportunity to be seen by the fans you do have. Getting more engagement drives your Facebook EdgeRank score up and allows your updates to be seen more often in peoples news feeds.

So how can you generate more engagement on Facebook?

Read on and I’ll explain a practical way to do just that. (more…)

Social Media Would Make Don Draper Pissed

Social media killed these!

Social media engagement is the new focus group.

Don Draper would lose it of he found out about social media.

Why? Because no business would need to hire his agency to conduct focus groups now that social media is here!

It boggles my mind that businesses don’t use Social Media to learn more about their customers’ wants and desires.

I want you to understand why engagement will benefit your followers and improve their lives.