3 Unconventinial Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Business Page

Increase your Facebook engagement

Engagement on your Facebook page is important.

The main feature of Facebook is being able to direct connect with people.

It can also give you provide feedback and let you know why people like your business.

My last post on how to improve Facebook engagement was the practical way to do so. I discuss why researching your previous updates is the best way to see what’s worked and not worked.

If you’ve tried that and are still getting little engagement, you’ll agree that things need to be switched up.

We want your EdgeRank score as high as possible for every status update. To make that happen your updates need shares, likes and comments. That’s how Facebook determines what shows up in peoples news feeds.

Here are a few different things you can use to increase engagement.

You might think they’re silly and have nothing to do with your business and sales. They don’t and that’s the point. You’re reading this because you need to change your posting strategy.

These ideas are about increasing conversation and engagement. When online you should have a networking and conversation mindset. When you network you talk about anything.

I’ll explain the hidden agenda behind these ideas at the end and why focusing on creating conversations will help get the rest of your updates seen.


Are you earning the right to be followed online?

Loyal communities trump followers

You want a loyal community, not just followers.

Too many businesses are looking for more followers.

Instead they should be looking to build a community.

In 2012 and beyond, the importance of earning a “like” and a “follow” will greatly increase.

Consumers still have all the power online. They choose who they follow and what content they want to engage with and share.

Every business has been told they need to be using social media. As more and more businesses are jumping online and asking for likes and follows, people’s news feeds are becoming bogged down.

They’re seeing less status updates from Pam White and how awesome her tofu McNuggets are. Instead they’re seeing updates from Mashable talking about some Tech startup that’s going to kill it in 2012.

Because of this people are becoming more protective of their social networks and who they follow. It’s going to take a lot more to get people to follow, like and engage with your business online. Especially compared to the early days of social media when everybody was liking and following everything in sight.

So what exactly does it take? (more…)