Seeking Potential Clients Online

If you know anything about this blog, it’s loaded with SEO related posts.

Time to time I do blog about social media and other online opportunities. Well, this is one of those posts where to venture of the SEO path to introduce you to a amazing revolution.

I’ll tell you what that revolution is a bit.

Your Market Is Online

Your potential clients are online. Some of them even use social media. The chances are good they’re on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

But you already know that. You tweet and share stuff out none stop hoping that you will reach these people. However you need to leave your home base from time to time to find new potential clients.

You can’t stay at home and expect to always have people come to you. Nope. You have to get out there and find them.

How though?

The Social Media Revolution

So what is this social media revolution I was speaking of? It’s two things actually. I’ll talk about the second one in a bit.

The first one though is the hashtag. Yeah this thing # that is the pound key or numbers sign.

In the social media world, it’s oh so much more.

You probably think it’s just some cool trend. But in the online marketing world, it’s how you can find people in your hometown.


Go to Twitter and type in the search function a hashtag and the city your market is on or it’s airport code.I live in Victoria BC Canada so we could use the search “#Victoria” or “#yyj”.

This search would bring up a massive list of tweets from people talking about Victoria. If I wanted to get more followers, I would simply follow all of those people who have tweeted about Victoria. This would give me a nice targeted follower list.

Of course I would have to engage with them and build a relationship with them. But I at least have potential targeted customers who I am now following.

Even Facebook is allowing people to search hashtags. Here’s a link to a Facebook hashtag search of #yyj

This will bring up users who have softer privacy settings so you can see their post with the #yyj hashtag.

Twitter Search & Reverse SEO

I blogged last month that Twitter can act as reverse SEO. SEO is where people search for your business, but using the Twitter search function will allow you to search for them.

All you have to do is generate a list of key phrases and narrow your search down to tweets within your city.


I do contracting work for a DJ website. They wanted to promote a blog post they just wrote which helps those who want to learn to DJ.

I told them just go to Twitter a few times throughout the day and search for people who tweeted they want to learn to DJ. Amazingly there about 50 tweets a day with people tweeting they wish they could learn to DJ.

Twitter   Search    learn to dj

Since we had a blog post that was very helpful, we felt those people should read that post. So we started to respond to those people directing them to that blog post.

We never tried to sale them right away. Instead we wanted them to read our blog post and hopefully others. Then make the decision to purchase a monthly membership.

This is really the best way to find potential users online right away.