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Technology has advanced and a rapid pace. Only a few years ago we were just starting to access the internet on our cell phones. The data rates were through the roof. And the screens were small. Now we can get access the world wide web for almost anywhere.

Advancements in web design have also come a long way. A couple of years ago mobile websites were starting to be developed. But they looked nothing like the full website. They were slimmed down versions with tiny bits of information on them.

Mobile websites are a thing of the past now that responsive web design has arrived.

What is responsive web design though?

It’s design that is aimed at providing the same visitor experience across all devices. Your website can now look and feel the same on a home PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The goal is to create an experience free of resizing and panning. It’s very similar to a mobile app.

The stats don’t lie. People are visiting your website from their home laptops, personal tablets and smartphones.

Are they zooming in though? Or pinching their touch screens just to get a better glimpse of your website content?

Your website looks the same on all devices. And you might think this is ok. But it’s not. Why? Because your website visitors are impatient. It’s 2014 and they want the information they seek now. They don’t want to pan in or pinch their screens. Some will do it. But they won’t be happy doing so.

That’s why you need a responsive website. We can make your current website into a responsive one very easily. Or we can create a new website design from scratch and make it responsive as well.

The question remains, how does your website look across all devices? Find out by visiting Am I Responsive.

If it’s not, call us at 250-217-4176 or contact us below and let’s have a chat and see if we can make that happen.


Our responsive web design service starts at $899 Canadian.

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