Find Out If Your Website Is Pissing Off Mobile Visitors

Victoria BC Responsive Website DesignAs technology evolves so do our expectations.

Especially when it comes to mobile and tablet browsing. There is no reason in 2013 to have a website that is not mobile or tablet friendly.

What do I mean by friendly though?

I define “friendly” as the ability to browse a website no matter what device and not have to zoom in. Your website knows which device the visitor is using (desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone) so it can display the website and it’s sizing to fit the dimensions of that device.

Here’s what the dimensions of each device looks like.

Responsive web design Victoria


Customer Experience

Most websites will display on tablets and smart phones.

But the problem is they show the full website. So the fonts will be smaller and zooming is required. It doesn’t size down the website based on what device the visitor is using.

To combat this mobile websites were introduced a few years ago. They were a good alternative as they loaded faster since they were a scaled down version on the desktop/main website. These mobile websites were thought to be great in the early days of mobile browsing. It was deemed that anybody visiting a website from a mobile phone was on the road and only looking for contact information or brief idea of what the business does.

But more and more people are using their mobile devices and tablets to browse the web. And remember what I said about expectations? They want to see your full website not scaled down mobile website with limited information.

So how can you give your visitors a full browsing experience no matter what device they’re on? Responsive web design is how.

To see how your website displays across all devices, check out this free tool called Am I Responsive. It’s the last of the ten best free internet marketing tools. I added it to the list because moving forward, giving your website visitors the best possible browsing experience is extremely important.

How Sexy Is Your Website?

How did your website look on all devices? Is some scrolling involved?

I’d like to add that you should scout our your competitors and see what their website looks like. Are they ahead of the curve? If not then you have a BIG opportunity to be the first.

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