Meaningful Marketing Welcomes December Clients

December can tend to be a slow season when it comes to business. That hasn’t stopped the following clients from signing up for our SEO & content marketing services.

Dr. Alex Wilson And Associates


We have been in talks with Dr. Wilson since early in the year. He found our website after searching for Yellow Pages Online reviews. He found our blog post and contacted us.

At the time he was frustrated with his Yellow Pages contract. And after a few months he’s finally relieved of that contract and ready to start improving his local search rankings in Calgary.

We designed the new site for him which is on WordPress and has a very fast load time.

Website speed test


Since we are already working with Opal Optometry in New Westminster, we’ll be able to create some quality content for his website.

Deerfoot Mall Location

4901 64th Ave. N.E.
Calgary, AB, T2E-7P4

Westbrook Mall Location

1200-37th St. S.W.
Calgary, AB, T3C 1S2

Schmitt Tree Service

Tree Services Little Rock Sherwood Jacksonville Cabot Maumelle

Schmitt Tree Service offers tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming and storm damage clean up to Central Arkansas residents. They too found our Yellow Pages Online review and contacted us. It goes to show you the power of content marketing.

We will be working with them to improve their local search rankings in Sherwood, Little Rock, Cabot, Jacksonville and Maumelle Arkansas.

1702 Palomino Dr.
Sherwood, AR, 72120

Saanich BC Real Estate Homes For Sale

Cal Faber is a Victoria BC real estate agent whose focus is on selling Saanich BC Real Estate. We will be working with Cal to improve his search rankings by creating content various pieces of content on Saanich and real estate.