How to Rank at the Top of Google

Google search rankings

It’s been months since my last post.

For my email subscribers, you probably don’t even remember me.

During this time I’ve had clarity. Originally I was going to blog about Meaningful Marketing ideas. And for the first few months I did.

But recently I’ve decided that I should focus on local internet marketing. After all that is the skill I have the most knowledge in.

What Can you Expect?

These are the topics I plan to discuss:

And from time to time I will talk about meaningful marketing and integrating your offline and online marketing.

How to Rank at the Top of Google

Since content creation and blogging for business is important, I do want to blog more. But I don’t want my posts to be fluff.

I want my posts to educate you. So for today I’m going to run through how I got my site to rank #15 within a week for the search term Victoria SEO.My goal is to rank within the top three. And I’ll be posting status updates revealing any new strategies you should know about.

This is obviously a crowded market. Who wants to work with an Victoria SEO company if they don’t rank within the top three results? It’s a demonstration of their skills after all.

Since my industry has a lot of local competitors, it should be encouraging for those of you who live in a city with lots of competitors and who are having trouble ranking near the top of your targeted search terms.

In a second I’ll explain what it took me to get there. But know that it takes some commitment if you plan to do it on your own.

However you might be too busy. If that’s the case, be like most entrepreneurs and hand this off to a professional.

How I Did It

I want to explain how to rank at the top of Google by teaching what I’ve done. This will help you understand that SEO is easier than long division!

Here’s the four steps you need your website to take to rank at the top for your desired search terms (keywords):

  1. Do your keyword research
  2. Optimize your website content and tell Google what Keywords you want to rank for
  3. Get other sites to link back to yours
  4. Setup Google Webmaster tools and set your geographical location

Now up until last week, I wasn’t even trying to rank for the search term Victoria SEO. When I first started this site last year, I did my keyword research, optimized my content and did some backlinking.

But I was struggling getting solid leads to my site. That’s because I wasn’t defining my market. Hence why I changed my keywords and told Google I wanted to rank for Victoria SEO and Internet Marketing.

And surprisingly I’m ranking #15. That’s due in part to the backlinking I did all of last year. Within the last week though I’ve acquired more backlinks by adding my business and website to a few local and Canadian business directories.

Getting to the Top

The backlinks I have acquired are not the strongest. But they’re still worth something.

So to get to the next level I’ll be acquiring stronger backlinks from authority sites. Right now my site has 280 webpages linking back.

Google Webmaster Tools

Not bad but I need to have this around 500 and from more authoritative sites.

I’ll also be blogging more since Google loves more webpages/content.

I’ve noticed that not many of my competitors websites have a blog. Even if they do, they’re only blogging twice a month. Therefore I’m confident in my abilities to get to the top within the next three months.

Once again I’ll be updating my progress.

But for you start with my four steps in the middle of this post. And of course follow my blog! You can do that by signing up for my email newsletter at the top right of this screen.