Getting Local Backlinks Using Meetup backlinksBacklinks. You cannot talk about SEO and not talk about backlinks.

Are they important? Yes. But not as much as they use to be.

Over the last year we’ve found that content marketing is more important when it comes to local SEO. You still need backlinks though. And this blog post will show you an easy way to generate backlinks from a local source.

The most effective backlinks will come from local sources like local business directories or from other local businesses websites. Another source is Just how can you get backlinks from

Read on and I’ll explain.

How to use Meetup for backlinks

Individual meetup groups are used for recreation, networking, learning new skills and more. You’re bound to find a group in your area that is somehow related to your business and that you can help out. You helping them could entail hosting an event, like an educational workshop, or sponsoring the group for a cost. Whatever you do for them, part of the agreement will likely include the group putting a link to your businesses’ site on the main page of their group.

So how do you approach a Meetup group?

First off, I recommend searching for groups in your local area only, unless you’re looking to grow your business elsewhere. Once you’ve found some groups that could work for you, get someone on your staff to join the group as a participant to see whether a partnership could work.

This will allow you to find out whether they’re in need of financial sponsorship, how often they meet, how many people attend and any other information that might help you determine the fit. You can also speak with the organizer of the group casually, too.

Once you’ve decided whether you’ve got a potential good fit, contact the organizer by email and offer your proposal. Keep in mind the whole time that this partnership should benefit both sides–if they’re not cooperative or as interested as you’d like, move on and pursue other opportunities.

Why should you use Meetup?

They’re many ways to get backlinks on the web, some of which are free, others which involve a link exchange and still others that you’ll pay for. No matter how you’re willing to get the links, you should always aim to get backlinks on sites that have significant strength on search engines and on the web in general. is great because it has great web strength and it’s local, too. Sponsorship links on Meetup pages are often on the main page of group, so its visibility to site users can definitely help you. This is an invaluable way to increase your local and online presence.