While You Were Working 005 – 5 Marketing Articles You Missed This Week

While You Were Working

I’ve been busy and so have you.
But I went digging today to curate some content for you.
I should probably get around to writing my own content one of these days but as long as you’re gaining knowledge, it doesn’t matter.
So here’s what you missed this past week.
Why Online Reputation Management is a Big Deal!
The Perception Gap: What your customers want and what you think they want
Content Marketing Through Email Newsletters
Is Responsive Design Right For Your Content Marketing Strategy
Taco Bell gets what meaningful marketing is all about


What Do You Think?

Let me know what topics you’d like to read about. I’ll be sure to work them into future while you working posts.

While You Were Working 004 – 5 Marketing Articles You Missed This Week

I’ve found some good articles for you from this past week. The common themes are:

  • content marketing
  • adding value
  • using both the above to stand out

Offering value through content marketing and then spreading that content on your social networks is the only way to stand out.

People’s news feeds and Twitter streams are crowded. You have to do something valuable for them to care about you and click on your articles.

I’ve also put a good article on why having too many sales isn’t a great way to build loyal customers and increase your profits.


Be cautious of having too many sales

Say thank you to your customers but don’t have a hidden agenda

If you’re not going to create content, should you at least share relevant content from others?

Are you guilty of any of these mistakes?

The future of social media is offering value to stand out

While You Were Working 003 – 5 Marketing Articles You Missed This Week

Here are the best of the best marketing articles for you

I missed last week.
That’s because nothing really caught my eye. Everyone must have been on holidays or something
None the less I’m back and here are some really great posts.
There’s a good mix of content marketing, SEO and even a guide to explaining terms I use a lot on this site.
Even one I used in the last sentence (content marketing) and the lastest marketing buzzword darling, branding!
How To Help Your Brand Find It’s Compelling Story
Six Key Considerations to Driving Behavior Change with Content Marketing
Ten Reasons Why I Don’t Retweet You or Your Content
Using Targeted Content Marketing to Improve User Experience
A Beginners Guide to Marketing Jargon
Before I leave you, I have a great post on an overlooked SEO strategy that you don’t want to miss. That’ll be posted on Tuesday. If your subscribed to my email updates already, you rock!
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Enjoy your Sunday and the Olympics if you’re watching them!

While You Working 002 – 5 Marketing Articles You Missed This Week

While You Were Working

If you missed it, here’s the link to the top weekly marketing articles.
This is a way for me to give you the most relevant articles from the past week. With so much content being spread around the internet these days it can he hard to find the good stuff. Especially since most of the marketing articles are geared towards bigger brands.
But this is what I do. I follow marketing closely and read about it whenever I can. In the end you get top shelf marketing articles!
Now for week two.

The Goods

Why Content Marketing Will Make Your Small Business Sexy
Why We’re Valuing Facebook Fans All Wrong
This Is What The Sales Funnel Should Look Like
How To Measure ROI For Networking Events
Learn From Automobile Makers On How To Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement

While You Were Working 001 – 5 Marketing Articles You Missed

While You Were Working new series of blog posts. The concept is easy. It’s going to be the Top 5 Weekly Marketing articles.
I’m calling it “While You Were Working”. And they’ll be published every Sunday afternoon in North America.
The weekend is almost over and for many, it’s back to work tomorrow. But when you’re winding down on a Sunday evening, take 15 minutes to read the articles I’ve posted for you.
My goal is to generate some ideas to better market your business. So hopefully the articles will give you inspiration and get the
I understand that you may not have time to keep up to date on the latest in the marketing world. Not to worry, I’ve got you covered!
I do my best to find the most relevant marketing articles so you don’t have too. You man the fort and I’ll supply the content.
Sound good? Great!

The Goods

Use this idea to inspire better usage of your Facebook pages images

Smart Car Turns Facebook Images Into a Flipbook
Focus On The Quality of Your Content Management
What It Takes For Your Brand’s Videos to Get Noticed
Focus on Your Customers when using Social Networking Sites
5 Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest to Authentically Connect With People

What Do You Think?

Do you like this concept? If so, what type or articles are you looking for?