Best Website Designers & Companies in Victoria

Victoria Website Design CompaniesWe look a lot of websites at Meaningful Marketing. From doing search engine optimization audits or prospecting for clients, we’ve seen many websites over the last five years.

Because of this we feel we can confidently list the best website designers and companies in Victoria BC. These companies have caught our eye because the websites they create are beautiful, functional and responsive.

What About Us?

We also offer website design and invite you to learn more about our affordable website design. By no means are we the best in Victoria but we feel we create some really good mobile friendly websites that load fast and are much cheaper compared to other companies in the city, including the ones listed below.

Why? No overhead.

The companies we are going to list all do great work. But they also have lots of overhead which in turn gets passed onto you, the client. So if you are looking for a website design that’s easy on your pockets, we’re a great option. With the extra savings, you could also afford to do SEO for your new website.

Best Website Designers and Companies in Victoria BC

best website designers victoria bcIn the last year of so I’ve been coming across a lot of websites designed by Leap Web Solutions. Their designs are easy on the eyes. Some of our favourites are:

Bin 4 Burger Lounge – the burgers are off the charts too!

Baker Rejuvenation

Preventous Cosmetic Medicine


I was talking to a friend last year about what we do at Meaningful Marketing. She told me her boss got a new website. As I always do, I checked out to see if it was responsive.

It was and it was damn sexy. It was designed by Doug Harrington of Harrington Creative. Some of our favourite websites from Doug are:

Dr. Crapo

Pacific Coast Floors


Victoria mobile website design

Another company showing up on our radar (it was too easy!) is Radar Hill. You’ve driven by their office hundreds of times on Cloverdale. Now it’s time to show you of favourite sites from them.

Campbell Construction

Out Of Ireland

Bon Hollier & Holley Lee

bone creative

Within the last few months we’ve come across more and more sites designed by Bone Creative. We don’t know much about them. But what we do know is that they can design! Here are our favourites:

Eaglewing Tours

Parc Modern

Surface West Tile

Eclipse Creative

Well before we got started we knew about Eclipse Creative. They offer more than just web design and do lots of print advertising. But it’s their websites that we want to showcase and these are our favourites:

Belltech Systems

Silk Road

Parker Johnston

So there you have it. As you can see, these five website design companies have worked created websites from some of Victoria’s high profiles businesses.

Are there any companies we have missed? Let us know in the comments below.