A Free Email Marketing Service you Should be Using


The best free email service provider out there

Email is far from dead. People think that just because there is so much spam mail nowadays that people hate email.

Some do. But everyone still checks his or her email. In fact I really think that because people hate spam mail so much, they’ll only give it out if they really want something. So if someone joins your email list, they want more useful content from you.

Sure your email subscribers might not grow to match your Twitter followers or Facebook. With Facebook EdgeRank choosing if your posts are being seen or not and the average life of a Tweet being fairly low, email is a great alternative to avoid the clutter of social media posts.

If you happen to think email is dead or not useful in your business then this post isn’t for you. But you should still be trying to generate leads from your website!

If you want to increase your email marketing, read that last link and use Mailchimp to start out. Mailchimp is another free Internet marketing tool aside from Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. Obviously using something for free to test the waters with is a great way to do it.

Why Mailchimp rocks!

Mailchimp is great because it almost all the capabilites of Awber (affiliate link) which is what I use. With Mailchimp you can:

  • Use pre made email templates
  • Customize and brand your own
  • Create web forms to capture email address
  • Track and analyze visitor impressions of web forms
  • Integrate your blog feed into a email newsletter
  • Send automated emails after a certain day people joined your list
  • Track and analyze how many people open your emails
  • Set up different email lists

Their online support is fairly decent as well. But I personally think a how to video is better if you have no experience with Mailchimp.

Here’s a great video from Serana Leonard from Grass Roots Internet Strategy

As Serena mentioned in the video you can only have up to 2000 free subscribers. After that they have to get paid because not everything can be free.

None the less it made my top 10 list for the best free Internet marketing tools you can use. Enjoy!