But email marketing can be effective if you don’t push sales and promotions on people. You must offer value and write creative titles that make people want to read your emails.

It can also be more effective than using social media. Instead of competing with hundreds of Tweets and Facebook updates, your emails will only be competiting with a few emails. And if someone gives you permission to email them with information on your products or services, they’re a definite prospect.

email marketing

Alex Russell

The Process

List Building

On your website or in your store, you need to try and collect the email address of every visitor you can. We’ll come up with creative ways to get people to offer up their beloved email address.

ContentTo get your emails opened and for people to keep opening them, you must offer value. You can do this by educating people about your products, services or industry. The goal is create a series of emails that build on each other that make the sales process easier. You can have emails sent out after a set number of days since someone has signed up for your list. And if you’re blogging, you can have your posts sent directly to people’s inbox’s.

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